NoMad “Savory” Yakitori (Skewers) 焼き鳥

“Bringing Japan’s favorite street fare to your table”

* For any dietary restrictions, please inform your server. Modifications can be made with select items.


Beef & Pork ビーフ&ポーク

Beef “succulent” short rib カルビ Choice of sea salt or Yuan sauce

Marinated Short Rib Galbi カルビ

Enoki mushrooms wrapped in smoked bacon エノキベーコン

Asparagus wrapped in smoked bacon アスパラベーコン

Cherry Tomato wrapped in smoked bacon プッチトマベーコン

Mochi (JP Rice cake) wrapped in smoked bacon 餅ベーコン

Brussel Sprouts wrapped in smoked bacon 芽キャベツベーコン

Pork Belly 豚三段バラ肉 Choice of sea salt or house hot sauce

Gyu Tan - beef tongue 牛タン

Seafood シーフード

Grilled Squid イカ焼き House Soy w/ JP mayo

Ebi - Shrimp エビ

Shishamo - JP Smelt シシャモ (w/ fish eggs)

Veggies 野菜

Shishito - JP pepper シシトウ

King Oyster Mushroom エリンギ エリンギ

Avocado アボカドアボカド Dashi & Yuzukosho (fermented yuzu + chili pepper)

Asparagus アスパラ

Cherry Tomato プッチトマト プッチトマト

Zucchini ズッキーニ

Japanese Eggplant 茄子 茄子

Ginkgo Nut 銀杏 healthy & chewy nuts from the tree


Free-Range Chicken チキン


“Famous” Tsukune - Chicken Meatball つくね
Choice of Yuan or House Hot sauce
(Free range egg yolk & Yuan dipping sauce included)

Teba - Wing 手羽先

Spicy Drum Wing スパイシードラム(脚)ウイング

Tender Loin with Wasabi テンダーロインワサビ

Kawa - Skin 鶏皮

Nankotsu - Cartilage ヒザナンコツ Choice of Yuan or Salt & Pepper

Seseri - Neck Meat セセリ

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.06.38 PM.png

Momo (Thigh) モモ肉

Thigh モモ

Thigh w/ yuzukosho モモ柚子コショウ

Thigh w/ yuan sauce モモゆうあん焼き

Thigh w/ scallion ネギま

Sasami (Breast) 胸肉

Breast w/ scallion ネギま

Breast w/ yuan sauce, moromiso & shiso ゆうあんミソシソ焼き

Chicken Giblets 内臓

Choice of Yuan or Salt & Pepper

Sunagimo - Gizzard 砂肝

Kanzo - Liver レバー

Hatsu - Heart ハツ


by Yakitori Chef Astroboy ©izakaya NoMad


Small Bites 小皿料理

“Start with a round of cold beer”

Grilled Edamame 焼き枝豆
Green soybeans with touch of sea salt

Kabocha Salad with Tofu Sauce カボチャサラダ 豆腐ソ-ス付き
Roasted Kabocha squash, tofu, lemon, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and pumpkin seed

Spinach Mini Salad ほうれん草サラダ
Lightly seasoned spinach, katsuobushi (dried bonito), dried seaweed & radish sprout

Purple Sweet Potato Fries サツマイモフライ + Mentaiko (marinated cod roe) mayo sauce
Uniquely light battered with spicy mayo & honey mustard sauce

Seaweed Salad 海藻サラダ
Seasoned seaweed with katsuobushi (dried bonito), tobiko (flying fish roe) & radish sprouts

Shrimp or Pork Shumai シュウマイ(エビ、ポーク)
Steamed JP round dumplings

Tako Wasabi タコワサビ
Raw octopus with wasabi topped with sesame seeds, scallion & red cabbage

Ebi Mayo エビマヨ
Fried shrimp with house mayo sauce

Tako Mini Salad タコミニサラダ
Thinly sliced octopus with avocado, cucumber & seaweed, mixed with vinegar, sweet soy sauce & sesame seed

Gyoza ギョーザ
Fried JP shrimp dumplings

Tamago Mentaiko タマゴ明太子
Grilled JP egg topped with cod roe mayo

Kimchi キムチ
Fermented Korean pickled cabbage 


NoMad Sashimi 刺身

“If you like it raw”


NoMad “Grand” Assorted Sashimi ノマド刺身
Chef”s selection of seasonal market fish

NoMad Assorted Sashimi ノマド刺身
Chef”s selection of seasonal market fish

Hamachi - Yellowtail ハマチ

Sake - Salmon

Maguro - Tuna マグロ

Uni (limited per day) ウニ
Two pieces of fresh sea urchin with JP cucumber, red cabbage, shiso, radish sprouts, beets & carrots

Tako - Octopus タコ

Toro - Fatty Tuna (limited per day) トロ


Roll ロール

“Intersecting Japanese and American”


Godzilla ゴジラ
Fried soft shell crab, avocado, spicy salmon, sweet potato crunch with spicy mayo, teriyaki & mustard sauce

Astroboy アストロボイー
Fried shrimp, spicy tuna, avocado, sweet potato crunch with spicy mayo

Golden フーン
Spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado, salmon, crunch with spicy mayo & mango sauce

Moku モクウ
Eel, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce, tobiko (flying fish roe) with house mayo

Mina ミナ
Assorted roll of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, eel, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, Tobiko (flying fish roe)

Yami Yami ヤミヤミ
Fried shrimp, avocado, spicy tuna, crunch, eel with mango sauce

NoMad ノマド
Crab meat, cucumber topped, torched lobster salad with wasabi sauce

Hoon (California) フーン
Crab meat, cucumber, avocado


Sushi 寿司

“Create your own perfect composition”


Salmon or Tuna Special
Two pcs of sashimi, two pcs of sushi,
six pcs mini roll & hand roll (spicy or regular)

Sushi Night 寿司ディナー
Salmon, tuna, yellowtail & shrimp sushi with California roll

Per Piece 握り、一貫
Hamachi - Yellowtail ハマチ
Maguro - Tuna マグロ
Sake - Salmon サーモン
Ebi - Shrimp エビ
Tako - Octopus タコ
Uni - Sea Urchin ウニ

Uni♥ ♥ Toro ウニトロ
Tobiko - Flying Fish Roe トビコ
Toro - Fatty Tuna トロ
Kanikama - Crab Stick カニカマ
Tamago - JP Egg タマゴ
Unagi - Eel ウナギ


Tempura (Fried) 天ぷら

“The good stuff”

+ Add Mentaiko (marinated roe of cod) Mayo Sauce

Ebi - Shrimp エビ

Fried Oyster カキ

NoMad Assorted ノマド盛り合わせ
Shrimp, shishito, shiso, sweet potato, dried seaweed, carrots, sweet pumpkin & lotus root

Veggie Assorted 野菜盛り合わせ
Shishito, shiso, sweet potato, carrots, lotus root, dried seaweed, sweet pumpkin & JP eggplant

Chicken Karaage 鶏のから揚げ
JP style fried chicken thigh with house salad & house mustard sauce


Nomad Dishes ノマド料理

“Meant to be shared, friend it with a drink!”

Seaweed Tofu Salad 海藻豆腐サラダ
Topped with flying fish roe, sesame with ponzu sauce

Silken “Fried” Tofu Salad 揚げ出し豆腐
Lightly fried tofu with half-boiled egg, radish sprouts, dried seaweed, katsuobushi (dried bonito) & ponzu sauce

Prime (Beef) Tataki 牛たたき
Seared black peppered prime strip with house sesame & yuzu sauce

Hamachi Tataki ハマチたたき
Seared yellow tail with house sesame & yuzu sauce

NoMad Butamoyasi ノマドサムギョプサル
Sizzling green bean sprouts, chives, onion & pork belly in oyster sauce

Teriyaki Ika イカ照り焼き
Sizzling Saut.ed squid, topped w/ light teriyaki sauce & scallion

Jjukkumi Buta チュクミサンギョプサル
Little spicy + sweet, pork belly, mini octopus, broccoli, carrots, bok choy & mixed greens

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き + Mozzarella Cheese モザレラチーズ
Japanese pancake with vegetables, katsuobushi (dried bonito), parsley, okonomiyaki sauce & JP mayo
*Choice of smoked bacon or seafood *Optional honey mustard

Kakuni (Braised Pork Belly) 角煮 *Limited per day
Thick cut of pork belly with radish, slowly simmered for hours in sake, soy, garlic and mirin, topped with sliced scallion, red cabbage & side of marinated spinach

Buta Tofu Kimchi 豚豆腐キムチ
Caramelized kimchi & pork belly in house sauce with tofu

NoMad Galbi ノマドカルビ
Marinated & grilled beef short ribs with grilled king oyster mushroom, with sides of baked garlic & miso paste

NoMad Buta Ssam (wrap) ノマドサムギョプサル 
Grilled pork belly wrapped in lettuce, alfalfa sprouts,cucumber, scallion, radish sprouts & special miso with side of fresh cucumber

Tuna Avocado Tartare ツナとアボカドのタルタル
Tuna, avocado, tomato, radish, micro radish, lemon, olive oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper

Cured Salmon with Rice Balls 鮭おにぎり
Salmon, onion, soy sauce, rice, furikake and sesame oil

Tako Lotus Salad タコロ-タスサラダ
Taco (octopus), lotus, mixed green, tomato, radish and creamy sesame dressing


Large Hot Pot to Share 鍋料理

“Communal interactive experience with one pot”

(served with hot pot warmer)

Oden おでん盛り合わせ
Large assorted fish cake soup with radish, watercress, enoki mushrooms & free-range soft-boiled egg

Shell Fish ハマグリ
Assortment of Hamaguri (little neck), corb shell clam & mussel soup with chive & dough flake in clear broth

Mussel カラス貝
Mussels with clear spicy soup, watercress, enoki mushrooms

Gindara (Cod) Nabe たらチリ鍋 *Limited per day
Fresh cod w/ pollack roe, fish cake, enoki, shitake, cod liver, radish, manila clams, mussels, scallion & watercress in
clear soothing broth


Onigiri (rice ball) おにぎり

“Childhood lunchbox favorites”

Spicy Tuna Onigiri スパイシーツナ Regular or Super spicy

Tuna Onigiri ツナおにぎり | Spicy Salmon Onigiri スパイシーサーモン

Bowl of Rice ライス


Grilled Fish 焼き魚

“Simply salted and grilled”

Hamachi - Yellowtail collards ハマチ *Limited per day

Yellow Croaker - Corvina イシモチ

Saba - Mackerel サバ


After 10pm... 夜10時から

“Late night ramen, all to yourself”

Spicy Fisherman’s Ramen aka Hangover Cure スパイシー海鮮チャンポンラーメン
chili oil based soup ramen with shrimp, mussel, mini octopus, free-range soft-boiled egg, cabbage, bell pepper, broccoli, onion, enoki mushrooms, scallion & watercress


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Moku’s Favorites


NoMad Galbi
Asparagus wrapped in Smoked Bacon
Shishamo - JP Smelt
Teba - Chicken Wing

Chicken Thigh w/ Yuzukosho
Shishito - JP pepper
Ginkgo Nut
Tako Mini Salad

Sake - Salmon Sashimi
Fried Oyster
Hamachi Tataki
NoMad Butamoyasi
Mussel Hot Pot


Meat & Veggies


Beef Short Rib
Kawa - Chicken Skin
Mochi wrapped in Smoked Bacon
“Famous” Tsukune - Chicken Meatball
Chicken Thigh w/ Scallion

Prime Beef Tataki
King Oyster Mushroom
Buta Tofu Kimchi
NoMad Buta Ssam (wrapped)
Chicken Karaage

Silken “Fried” Tofu Salad
Japanese Eggplant
Grilled Edamame


Seafood & Veggies


Ebi - Shrimp
Sawara - Grilled Spanish Mackerel
Tako Mini Salad
Sake Sashimi - Salmon

Teriyaki Ika
Hamachi Tataki
Fried Ebi (Shrimp)
Oden Hot Pot

Seaweed Tofu Salad
Spinach Mini Salad


by Executive Chef Godzilla ©izakaya NoMad